January 15, 2012, 7:43 AM — A billion. With a “B”. That is how many people on planet Earth will be using theFacebook social network by sometime around August this year.

Facebook revealed at its F8 conference in September that it had reached the milestone of 800 million users. iCrossing, an online analytics firm, has examined the trends at Facebook, and extrapolated the growth to project that Facebook will pass one billion users in August — August 12 to be precise.

iCrossing says Facebook growth has slowed to a crawl in countries like the United States and United Kingdom. It points out in a blog post, though, that emerging markets are more than making up the difference. According to iCrossing, India has added 14 million users, and Brazil another seven million, just in the past nine months.

Admittedly, “trillion” is the new “billion”, and the capital “B” has lost some of its swagger in recent years. But, when your’e talking about the number of people connected online to a single social network, “billion” still has an impressive ring to it.

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